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Jose Perez, Esq.

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Geraldine Linares
Associate Attorney

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Rebecca Curtiss
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Luwing Peche Loayza
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Legal Assistant

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Muchas bendiciones excelente trabajo, fue una lucha dura pero se logro, gracias a nuestro padre celestial k pone angeles en nuestro camino xk usted fue un angel mandado x Dios, le deseo exito y mas triunfos en su buffet de abogados, bendiciones a todos los que trabajan con usted, al abogado Eddie tambien k Dios lo bendiga y lo siga preparando para mas logros, bendiciones de lo alto. felicidades abogado jose perez excelente trabajo.


Licenciado gracias por recibir su llamada y confirmar la Victoria que tuvimos en el caso, usted me felicito a mi y yo lo felicito a usted y al equipo son los numero uno y los mejores, estoy tan contenta y agradecida por su gran y excelente trabajo, que Dios los bendiga grandemente y les iluminación cada día para ayudar las personas con tanta situaciones que enfrentamos injustamente son maravilloso los voy a recomendar Gracias !!! Les coji mucho cariño por su amabilidad especialmente Dicsia muy simpática ella y Jennifer y usted licenciado su gran paciencia Dios me los bendiga mucho cuanto daría haberlos conocido personalmente y agradecerle personal muchas gracias


I had an immigration case involving a National Interest Waiver (NIW). I was very happy with the services provided by Jose. He took my case at a difficult time since my application had been denied and I have to thank him for that because no other attorney wanted to take it. I had another attorney before and I could tell that Jose did a better job preparing my application. Handling a NIW is no easy task, but I could tell Jose really understood the procedure.


Jose helped me when my son was involved in a criminal manner. He was very professional. Everything went as he had told me. What I liked most about his services was his confidential and personalized treatment. He helped my son in what he really needed.

Lazaro Martinez

My son passed away in a work-related accident. I had been told that this would not be covered by the Worker’s Compensation system. Jose helped me with my case and I am very happy with the services provided. Even though we do not live in the same place, he was always updating me about my case, counseling me and telling me what I should and should not do. I am very thankful for his services, I even recommended him to my daughter!

Adelaida Velasquez

Jose was very helpful. My case had already been denied and nobody wanted to take it. The chances of winning were slim. Ultimately we won. Jose did a good job and he was very helpful. The services provided were very good.

Jeanette Lopez

Jose has been of great help. My husband got arrested and he was about to get deported. We were new to the area so he did not know a lot of people here. Jose was of great help to me and my husband. He helped fill out all the paperwork and was always available whenever I had questions.

Tara Slater

I had a DACA case. A while later I was arrested and was told I would go to jail and that my DACA would be cancelled. Neither of those things happened. All I can say is that Jose is a good attorney. My case went on for two years and he was there in every step of the way. It was always easy to communicate with him. I would recommend him.

Abner Paz

I had another attorney who had told me that there was nothing else he could do for me and my injuries. Mr. Perez took my case and fought for me. With his help, I was able to get everything I needed to overcome my injuries: he helped me get medicines, gas reimbursements and a good settlement. He is a very good attorney who fights for his clients.

Adolfo Fonts

My case was already closed, I had been in jail for three years and was just about to get deported. I didn’t know what to do. Mr. Perez took my case pro-bono and got me out of jail. I am now working for Cornell University. I am very grateful towards Mr. Perez. He is a great attorney who knows the law, apart from being a very good guy. I am truly grateful.

Ambroise Lumanikio

Es mi abogado desde el 2015 y es un excelente abogado. A ojos cerrados lo recomiendo, a puesto mucho empeño en mi caso.


Jose repesented me on my compensation hearing for my carpel tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery with compensation and i am very happy with the outcome he went above and beyond for me.


This lawyer is great! He settled my case always kept in touch on holidays or business days made sure I was reciving the help needed and he always returned my phone calls thank you jose!!!! Highly recommended.


He is a great lawyer. He says the truth and deliver in what he promises. He is very friendly and I can assure you can trust him with anything. For me, me and my family trusted him with our lives and he saved us.

Rafael De Leon

Excellent for compensation case, accidents and immigration lawyer contact customers.

Tomas Espinal

The finest, most professional Law Office in the state. Very efficient and the clients come first. Extremely satisfied with service.

Vincent Sportelli

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