milking cow

Permanency award won

Client worked for a dairy farm and while milking a cow, the cow crushed his hand with the corral metal bars and sustained two fractures and partial amputation of two fingers. The insurance alleged that he should be compensated for the partial loss of his fingers only. We won the compensation for the loss of […]

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Back accident established and fraud dismissed.

Client was lifting a sofa at work and injured his back. The employer denied the case alleging fraud because he did not mention a car accident he had when he was 8 years old, 25 years prior. Judge found no fraud because he could not have lied for something he could not remember.

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New DACA petition approved

We filed two weeks prior to Trump terminating DACA and after 3 requests for evidence and hundreds of documents, our client received his approval. Si se puede….a pesar de Trump! Todavía hay esperanza!!!

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Case Dismissed

Compensation fraud allegation dismissed

Employer alleged that the client falsely said that he injured his shoulder at work because 6 months ago he went to the emergency room with pain in the shoulder after changing a tire in his car. They asked the judge to find fraud. The judge dismissed the fraud charge finding that there was no evidence […]

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Compensation established

Client injured his left shoulder lifting a couch in his home in 2016. He had some physical therapy and nothing else. He was working in January 2018 and when he was retrieving a box from a shelf he felt a pain similar to the one he had in 2016. He reported it, but the employer […]

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Social Security Appeal won!

Client, 13 years old with learning disabilities, hyperactive, dyslexic, adaptation problems and with special education placement in the school, had been denied SSI. We were with the appeals judge and the case was established with retroactive pay since 2015!

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Green card for a client

Despite the rascism of this Administration. Client, with 15 years of age, arrived escaping gang violence from Guatemala. He was detained almost one year. Two years of immigration courts. We won the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status and we did not have to continue the asylum relief which it would have been deportation order guaranteed because […]

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Permanent Residence

An immigration win despite Trump

A 50-year-old client from Panama who entered 10 years ago with a tourist visa and overstayed. She met a 62-year-old US citizen truck driver. A notary did the papers for them and they were denied. We filed a motion to reconsider and was granted. Now, she is a resident!

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