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Lorenzo Ramos

Trump’s racist policy separates another Family!

Syracuse business owner and father, here for 15 years, has been deported to Guatemala Updated Jun 22; Posted Jun 22 By Marnie Eisenstadtmeisenstadt@syracuse.com , syracuse.com Syracuse, N.Y. — Lorenzo Ramos, a Syracuse husband, father and business owner who has been in the country for 15 years, has been deported to Guatemala. He was put on […]

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Appeal won – Workers’ Compensation Case

Appeal won. Client was fired after a work accident to his neck. Client went on to work for a different employer for 12 days, however, one week later he had neck surgery. The judge ruled in favor of the first employer concluding that the client did not work enough for the other employer and therefore […]

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Living Will versus Healthcare Proxy

We have been writing for several months about Immigration, Trump and the changes in policies by this new government. It is time to take a break from all that. Now, we should talk about planning for you, your family and your friends. As we go about our daily activities, our minds are often filled with […]

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Workers’ Compensation Case won!

Case won! Client works in a hose factory. A co-worker left his hose frames in the hallway. Supervisor directs client to clean that up and he refused blaming the person that left them there. After a brief argument, client lifted the frames but injured his back (sciatica) while doing so. Employer denied the claim alleging […]

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Workers’ Compensation won!

Compensation won! Client had an injury to his back when a few containers fell of the rack on him. He felt some pain in the knees but thought that it was temporary and he did not report it. 3 months later needed right knee surgery. Employer denied it. We established the case for both knees […]

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Compensation approved

Compensation approved. Client worked in a assembly line untangling cables and coils by hand. One day felt a stabbing sensation in the hand. She did not file a claim. 60 days went by and the pain continued. Employer denied the claim because of lack of notice within 30 days. Case won as occupational disease as […]

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Phase out ordered by Trump, Congress negotiations, the Government Shutdown and now the Courts take over the fight. Certainly, the last few months have been a roller coaster for the Dreamers and DACA eligible immigrants. In January, a court first ruled that DACA eligible immigrants could still apply to renew their status even if it […]

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