Living Will versus Healthcare Proxy

We have been writing for several months about Immigration, Trump and the changes in policies by this new government. It is time to take a break from all that. Now, we should talk about planning for you, your family and your friends. As we go about our daily activities, our minds are often filled with […]

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Workers’ Compensation Case won!

Case won! Client works in a hose factory. A co-worker left his hose frames in the hallway. Supervisor directs client to clean that up and he refused blaming the person that left them there. After a brief argument, client lifted the frames but injured his back (sciatica) while doing so. Employer denied the claim alleging […]

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Interview with UNIVISION

Our interview with UNIVISION about people afraid to travel by plane without papers! Expertos recomiendan no viajar dentro del país a personas con visas vencidas o indocumentados. Informa @PeggyCarranza — Univision Noticias (@UniNoticias) April 23, 2018

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We will appeal his decision to the BIA

Yesterday, we had a long trial of 8+ hours in the case of Dolores Bustamante, who is a national heroin in the migrant workers movement. Unfortunately, the judge ruled that he could not grant relief because she did not file the asylum claim within 1 year after she arrived despite the fact that she did […]

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Workers’ Compensation won!

Compensation won! Client had an injury to his back when a few containers fell of the rack on him. He felt some pain in the knees but thought that it was temporary and he did not report it. 3 months later needed right knee surgery. Employer denied it. We established the case for both knees […]

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The saga of DACA continues. Trump said no more DACA. Then, many lawsuits were filed. Most courts have ruled that USCIS should continue accepting renewals. However, on April 24, 2018, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia held that DHS’s decision to rescind DACA was “arbitrary and capricious” and vacated the termination of […]

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Interview with Telemundo

Our interview with Telemundo about the new raids in New York. Without a warrant, constitucional violation, ICE out of control!  

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New Citizen - Photo

New Citizen – Law Offices of Jose Perez

New citizen. After 2 years of loads of paperwork with Immigration, disputing the good faith of the marriage of the client which led him to become a resident and alleging that he married his wife to get his papers, this client from Peru can finally say that yes he could!

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Express Deportation or Expedited Deportation

“If you’re in this country illegally, we’re looking for you and we’re going to look to apprehend you…and deport you.” That is what the Trump Administration said this a few weeks ago. And they have the tool to accomplish just that. Express Deportation or Expedited Deportation. Statistics show that this type of deportation is being […]

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