Social Security appeal won

Social Security Appeal Won

Client applied in 2014. Her claim was denied 3 times. Client has problems of stability with her left knee, 2 herniated discs in her neck, depression and insomnia. She could not walk for more than 10 minutes without taking a break. Retroactive pay of benefits since 2014.

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Compensation Paid

Indemnity paid

Client is in Workers’ Compensation because he fell at work and injured his low back. The insurance company sent him to a doctor paid by them. As expected, the doctor said that he could work and was only mildly disabled. However, his doctors said that he was 100% disabled. After 10 months of litigation and […]

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Social Security and retirement income

Social Security won!

Social Security won! Client did not have enough quarters for the disability because she only worked 4 years. We applied for SSI instead. The judge initially denied the claim. We appealed. Client has back problems, carpal tunnel and migraines. Appealed granted and paid the client 3 and 1/2 years of benefits retroactively.

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Workers Compesation Won

Compensation Won!

Compensation won! Client was a mechanic for 10 months in a repair shop. He started suffering of back and neck pain. The employer denied the case saying it was too short the time he worked for his shop for developing those conditions. He got fired. The employer’s doctor affirmed the denial. After 9 months of […]

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Lorenzo Ramos

Trump’s racist policy separates another Family!

Syracuse business owner and father, here for 15 years, has been deported to Guatemala Updated Jun 22; Posted Jun 22 By Marnie , Syracuse, N.Y. — Lorenzo Ramos, a Syracuse husband, father and business owner who has been in the country for 15 years, has been deported to Guatemala. He was put on […]

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Appeal won – Workers’ Compensation Case

Appeal won. Client was fired after a work accident to his neck. Client went on to work for a different employer for 12 days, however, one week later he had neck surgery. The judge ruled in favor of the first employer concluding that the client did not work enough for the other employer and therefore […]

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